Our K - 12
project teams are experienced in designing schools that are focal points of their neighborhoods and communities.

These buildings help serve as the foundation for the educational and personal development of our young people. Classrooms feature natural light and the latest technology to improve the learning environment for students. We use quality materials that are durable and easy to maintain. Many of our projects feature sustainable design principles or are designed to meet LEED certification standards.











Charles Beard Knightstown High School  l  Dayton Public Schools Ponitz Career Technology Center  l  Huber Heights Charles Huber Elementary School  l  Frankton Junior/Senior High School  l  Huber Heights Monticello Elementary School  l  Huber Heights Valley Force Elementary School  l  Dayton Public Schools Boys Academy  l  Huber Heights Rushmore Elementary School  l   Huber Heights Kitty Hawk/Menlo Park Elementary School  l  Lapel High School  l  Lebanon Stokes Elementary School  l  Merrillville High School  l  Merrillville Clifford Pierce Middle School  l  Merrillville Salk Elementary School  l  Merrillville Wood Elementary School  l  Merrillville Fieler Elementary School  l  Dayton Public Schools Charity Adams Earley Girls Academy  l  Monroe-Gregg Monrovia High School  l  Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson Indian Creek Middle/High School  l  North Montgomery High School  l  Northeastern Wayne High School  l   Northwestern High School  l  Northwestern Elementary School  l  Dayton Public Schools Kemp Pre K-8  l  Northwestern Howard Elementary School  l  Richmond Test Middle School  l  Seymour Redding Elementary School  l  Seymour Jackson Elementary School  l  Shelby Eastern Morristown Junior/Senior High School  l  Vigo County Woodrow Wilson Middle School  l  Vigo County Franklin Elementary School  l  Vigo County Fayette Elementary School